Uniform can be provided by SJ Dance Togs and is available from the studio.

A full range of leisure wear including hoodies, joggers, T shirts and bags are available.

Ask your teacher for a form and hand in at class with your payment.

- Please ensure that only items listed below are worn at dance class.

- No other loose clothing should be worn apart from SJ t-shirts and hoodies which may be worn during the warm up.

- All items should be labelled with the student's name as we cannot take responsibility for lost uniform.

- All senior students should carry anti-perspirants in their bags as dance is a very physical activity and the studios can be quite warm at times.

- Female ballet students must wear hair their in a bun for ballet classes from pre-primary upwards. We are always happy to demonstrate this hair style for parents so please ask if you need help. 

- Male student must ensure the hair is off the face.

- For modern and tap, hair should be tied back off the face in a pony tail or plait.

- No Jewellery is allowed in any classes due to health and safety.