Our Classes

Nursery Ballet

Ages 2.5 +

Nursey Ballet for girls and boys aged 2.5+ years introduces dance in a fun, caring and supportive environment. Child-friendly music and the use of their favourite cuddly toys helps children gain confidence and enjoyment while learning the foundations of dance technique. This is a great way to prepare the children for the RAD  and ISTD syllabus. 

RAD Ballet

Ages 4+

Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance and is an essential part of a dancer’s training in discipline and technique. Our youngest students are introduced to dance with Twinkle Toes Ballet from age 3, and qualified and experienced teachers deliver excellent training in the RAD syllabus from Pre-Primary all the way through to Grade 8 in a calm and friendly class environment. A full programme of classes in RAD Vocational Ballet from Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced 2 is offered for talented students with a love of dance who may want to follow dance as a career. Pointe-work training is offered as part of the RAD syllabus and great care and attention is given to pupils learning this skill.



Ages 4+

Tap Dance is very popular with all ages from four years upward and we offer classes following the ISTD syllabus from Primary through to Advanced 2 Vocational, taught by qualified and dedicated teachers who combine the fun of Tap dancing with rhythm, coordination and movement. As well as providing great exercise, our Tap teachers achieve superb results at all levels.


ISTD Modern

Ages 4+

Modern Dance gives students the opportunity to explore different dynamics and expressive performance styles in their dance. It uses the technical elements of Ballet in a more stylised and free format, encouraging the interpretation of a wide range of musical styles. The ISTD syllabus is taught from Primary through to Advanced 2 by highly qualified teachers, who always look to unlock each student’s potential. 



Classes are provided in ISTD Jazz Dance for students who are in Grade 3 Modern Dance upward. Jazz students gain strength, coordination, confidence and performance skills to enhance their Modern technique while having fun dancing to their favourite music. West End stage-style choreography is learned by Jazz students, and Bronze, Silver and Gold Jazz exams may be entered.